ADTECH Adtech we are a young team full of enthusiasm and passion for technology. We always live with the desire to bring the best technology and products to our customers

Innovation and creativity is our DNA

We are listeners and pioneers, working together to overcome tomorrow's challenges.

Core values

To respect
We respect customers, respect colleagues and respect differences. We always create maximum conditions for members to be themselves.

Continuous learning is our motto. We always strive to lead new technology, new products.

We always aim for a fair, civilized and upright working environment.

We believe deeply in the value of the work we are doing. We carry out the work with all passion, wholeheartedly devoted to the common mission.

Strategic Alliance Partners
Adtech works with leading partners to create transformative change.

Partnerships are not something we take lightly. Building a better world requires diversity in thinking. The leading technology companies that are shaping our society, the prestigious academic institutions honing the most cutting-edge research, and the agile startups that know how to get to market quickly — here it is. our partners. They can also be yours.

Achieving digital maturity takes effort, but the journey generates many insights along the way, especially if you have the right partner to work with. We are committed to a transformative, mutually beneficial strategic partnership.

For Brands
Adtech ensures to build, develop, and protect the manufacturer's brand in Vietnam Market with complete pre-sale and after-sales service.

For Customers
With the criterion "Bringing the WORLD'S TECHNOLOGY TO VIETNAM'S CONSUMERS", Adtech always strives to overcome all difficulties to achieve the goal.

For Partners
Maintain and promote the company's growth rate in terms of sales, market share, market, reputation and human resources.