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Touch screen industrial computers are technological devices that help manipulate and control equipment intuitively, thereby improving working and production efficiency. It brings a lot of benefits to users and is widely used in the market today. What are the advantages and structure of this machine and based on what criteria to choose the machine? Let’s find out with ADtech through the following information.

Learn about industrial touch screen computers

The touch screen industrial computer is a combination of an industrial touch screen and an industrial computer. Touch screen helps the machine handle operations more quickly, users can easily adjust and manipulate directly on the screen of the computer.

Industrial Computer Touch Screen
Industrial computer touch screen

Thanks to its compact, robust design and flexible scalability, it is the first choice in human-machine interface (HMI) applications. serves mainly in the fields of factory automation, machinery, equipment and intelligent services. It is likened to a computer with comprehensive functions to bring higher performance in operation and production.

Touch screen industrial computer structure

Depending on the manufacturing unit, industrial touch screens are designed with different layers or fewer layers. Basically the screen will be arranged according to the order of the manufacturer, but the bottom layer is always a display support panel, covered with a compound made from a fairly flexible mixture, the flexibility will depend on the display. to the screen type desired by the manufacturer.

Construction Of Touch Screen Industrial Computer
Touch screen industrial computer structure

Above the display layer is an IPS or TFT panel. Next is the touch layer that plays the role of receiving user information through operations. The top is a protective layer made from hard plastic or toughened layer to limit some of the damaging impacts inside.

In particular, when touching the screen, a series of processes can take place immediately. Because the touch screen is responsible for digitizing the contact position into an xy coordinate in two-dimensional space right away. To perform this task, the device must pass through 3 parts: sensor, controller (hardware) and control software.

Applications of industrial touch computers

This touch screen is one of the advanced technology devices that contributes to accelerating the automation process. Touch screens are trusted by most businesses, companies, and production facilities such as oil and gas, transportation, manufacturing, energy, etc.

Especially complex and difficult production processes, requiring high precision. The device supports optimization of industrial processes, and increases the interaction between customers and businesses through projection.

Application Of Industrial Touch Screen Computer In Factory Automation
Application of industrial touch screen computer in factory automation
  • Industries that require a lot of person-to-machine communication (HMI).
  • Monitor and control operations.
  • Machine operation, automation.
  • Các ngành công nghiệp nặng, môi trường độ ẩm cao, độ sáng thấp.
  • High load capacity, withstand in harsh environment, vibration, squirrel.

Criteria to choose touch screen industrial computer

The demand for using touch-sensitive industrial computers is increasing, but to choose the right product, not everyone knows how. Here is a summary of the criteria you should consider when choosing a machine:

#1 Screen size

Many software applications are designed to run at specific LCD touchscreen resolutions and aspect ratios. Software application requirements should be considered when choosing an industrial computer LCD screen size. Bigger screens are not always better, and sometimes space constraints in production areas can also come into play. Therefore, the right screen is the first criterion you need to pay attention to.

Industrial Touch Screen Size
Industrial touch screen size

For example, a web-based application for food production may require a PC screen resolution of 1280×1024, since the layout of on-screen menus and tabs is repeated when displayed on an LCD monitor with lower resolution. In this case, the application will require a 17” or 19” LCD screen size because that LCD screen supports a display size of 1280×1024.

#2 Waterproof

If you use the machine in an environment that comes in contact with liquids, an industrial computer with a waterproof touch screen is essential. The stainless steel chassis will not rust or corrode by chemicals and other cleaning agents.

#3 Dustproof

In addition to liquids, dust is also a factor that causes computers and touch screens in production environments to fail. Dust will stick to the chassis, electrical components and integrated circuits, shortening their lifespan and slowing down CPU performance, over time this agent causes the machine to fail faster.

Absolute Water And Dust Resistance Of Industrial Computer Monitors
Absolutely waterproof and dustproof

#4 Operational performance

Software applications for the production line are usually not processor intensive. These applications typically include graphical and user interfaces where users can manually enter data using a touchscreen and interact with a web-based application or access an ERP system. So you should consider this when choosing a machine to get the best performance for your production.

Good Performance In Real Environment
Good performance in real environment

#5 Operating temperature

When choosing a touch screen industrial computer, operating temperature is also a criterion you need to keep in mind. Most of these computers are capable of operating in a fairly wide temperature range, some production areas have no temperature control. So this is also a criterion to keep in mind when choosing a machine.

For example, foundries may require a touchscreen industrial computer in the vicinity of the heat source.

After knowing the criteria for choosing a machine, you can refer to buying the right product to meet your needs. There are many industrial computers and industrial touch screens of reputable brands. You can visit the products with full specifications or contact the consultant to receive timely support.

The above article is useful information about touch screen industrial computers compiled by ADtech. Hope the above information is useful to you, if you need any more information about our articles or industrial computer products, please leave a comment below or contact our hotline!

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