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Distributor brand

ADTECH is a product distribution partner of the world's leading prestigious technology brands


ASUS IoT is an ASUS brand dedicated to creating incredible solutions in the field of AI and IoT. ASUS IOT's mission is to be a trusted supplier of embedded systems and a partner of the broader AIoT solutions ecosystem. ASUS IoT strives to deliver best-in-class products and services across diverse vertical markets, and partner with customers in developing fully integrated and time-to-market applications fast, efficient - bringing convenient, efficient and safe living and working environment to people everywhere.


The vision of the company Advantech is to create a smart planet. The company is a global leader in the field of IoT smart systems and embedded platforms. To capture trends in IoT, big data and artificial intelligence, Advantech leverages IoT hardware and software solutions with Edge Intelligence's WISE-PaaS core to support business partners and customers to connect connect their industrial chains. Advantech is also working with business partners to jointly create business ecosystems that accelerate the goal of industrial intelligence.


Founded in 2002, Darveen aims to achieve that by focusing on specific verticals and delving into industrial applications, Darveen develops the most relevant industrial computers and peripherals. with industrial applications. Darveen's products have been used in various vertical markets including smart warehousing, smart manufacturing, smart industrial equipment,... and are widely accepted by many factories around the world. .


Emdoor, founded in 2002, is a designer and manufacturer of handheld devices, tablets, laptops, PCs and vehicle mounted computers, and a provider of hardware and software solutions. custom software. Emdoor is one of China's most experienced and quality equipment suppliers of computer systems and acts as an ODM and OEM partner for many companies. Emdoor excels in providing efficient industrial solutions for warehouse logistics, industrial automation, healthcare, oil and gas exploration, outdoor mapping, automotive inspection, education, border patrol, service retail, self-service terminal, machine vision, smart home, smart traffic,...

Business model


Supplying products through a nationwide distribution network. Support policies for the channel and sales skills training activities are implemented regularly.


Project support

Distributing products to businesses through project agents. Adtech acts as the partner's extension arm in bringing products and solutions to the Vietnamese market.



Implement separate orders for specific customers. Flexible services according to the requirements of each partner.





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