• Slim and light design, fanless and low power 
  • Intel Pentium® N4200 integrated
  • IP65 protected front panel for water and dust resistance
  • Back shell design with 3-way IO cable routing
  • Supports both landscape and portrait orientation
  • Support 100x100mm VESA mount for different mounting needs
  • PoE supported on Pentium® N4200 platform


Utc-115G Được Trang Bị Màn Hình Lcd Cảm Ứng 15.6 Inch Định Dạng Rộng
UTC-115G is equipped with a 15.6-inch wide-format touchscreen LCD

UTC-115G is an “All-in-one” industrial computer system equipped with a 15.6-inch wide-format touchscreen LCD. Key peripherals and display systems can be easily integrated to implement interactive signage in a variety of application areas.

The IP65 designed front panel provides water and dust resistance, enhancing product durability and longevity. Thanks to its slim size with 3-way cable routing design, fanless cooling system and 100×100 mm VESA mount support, the UTC-115 is easy to install and fits into many workspaces.

Utc-115 Dễ Dàng Được Lắp Đặt Và Hoạt Động Trong Nhiều Không Gian Làm Việc
UTC-115 is easily installed and works in a variety of workspaces


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