• NVIDIA Jetson® NANO embedded
  • Compact fanless design
  • 1 x IEEE 802.3af POE (Powered Device) port
  • Linux OS with BSP (Board Support Package)
  • 2 x USB3.0 and 1 x USB2.0 (Internal)
  • Support for Deep Learning models
  • Wide operating temperature range


The fanless industrial computer MIC-710AI is an NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™-based system for superior AI inference capabilities in smart city and manufacturing applications.

MIC-710AI is designed according to industry standards with compact size, super strength, durability, high stability, shock resistance, 24/7 continuous operation. Besides, with wall-mount and fanless design, the MIC-710AI is easily installed in harsh environments.

Thanks to the integrated NVIDIA® Jetson NanoTM platform, the MIC-710AI allows running multiple neural networks in parallel for applications such as image classification, speech segmentation and processing, object detection,… This small embedded system is an ideal product for deep learning and AI inference applications, suitable for artificial intelligence applications in fields such as: smart city, smart factory, IoT of the following fields: electricity, security control system, hydrometeorology, intelligent traffic,…


Tính Năng Của Sản Phẩm
Product features
Mặt Trước, Mặt Sau &Amp; Hông
Front, back and sides
Kích Thước Mic 710Ai
MIC Dimensions 710AI
Sơ Đồ Cách Thức Hoạt Động
Diagram of how it works




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