• 2LAN 6COM Modbus / BACnet / 101/104 / DNP3 / PLC / Azure / AWS IoT Gateway
  • TI Cortex A8 800 MHz CPU
  • DDR3L512MB RAM
  • 1GB Micro-SD card for system storage
  • 1 Micro-SD slot
  • 6 isolated serial port RS-232/485
  • 2 10/100 Ethernet ports
  • 1 Mini-PCIe for WIFI / 3G / GPRS / 4G
  • Web service support for remote online monitoring
  • SD card support and updates live firmware online
  • Modbus support, IEC-60870-101/104 protocol
  • Support writing data on SD card
  • Operating system: RT-Linux
  • Operating temperature -40 ~ 70°C
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ECU-1152 is an industrial interface based on RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) architecture, researched and manufactured by Advantech, providing wireless and Ethernet communication solutions. overall for solar, power, and plant-related applications.

Operating with high efficiency over a wide operating temperature range (-40 to 70 °C) and a flexible design, the ECU-1152 plays an important role as an inverter connection port and remote monitoring center in power and energy applications.

ECU-1152 has an open platform design with a Cortex-A8 processor and is equipped with 2 10/100 Ethernet ports and 6 RS-232/485 serial ports, which are set to RS-485 by default, but the user can customize Select RS-232 or RS-485 via a jumper on the underside. The ECU-1152 also has a console interface, but it is only a debug interface, not a serial port. With a Linux operating system and an open TagLink SDK, the ECU-1152 allows system integrators to develop applications that exactly fit their needs.


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