AI Accelerator PCIe Card

  • Supports up to 8&16 Google® Edge TPU M.2 modules
  • Support for TensorFlow Lite machine learning framework
  • Compatible with PCI Express 3.0 x16 expansion slot
  • Optimal heat dissipation design with twin turbochargers
  • Designing ASICs to accelerate AI inference
  • Allow running multiple AI models in parallel
  • Reduce latency: Minimize total wait time for large models
  • Low power consumption only 36-52W
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Brief Introduction

AI Accelerator PCIe Card is the first PCI Express® expansion card from ASUS to include multiple Coral Edge TPUs for edge AI data transfer based on the Google Coral Edge TPU processor.

The AI Accelerator PCIe Card allows users to build highly efficient, private smart devices and is the ideal engine for AI inference.

Twin Axial technology turbo fans push cool air through the copper heatsink to maximize heat transfer from the cores, ensuring the device is always operating at peak performance.

The heart of the AI Accelerator PCIe Card is the Edge TPU processor. It is a small but powerful ASIC that operates at low power (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) for high performance data transmission over Artificial Neural Network.

AI Accelerator PCIe Card offers many outstanding features such as: the ability to run multiple AI models at the same time; pipelining technique allows model partitioning into a number of smaller models to improve ML performance or the ability to build prototype AI applications in minutes, etc. Thanks to the above great features, AI Accelerator PCIe Card is the ideal device to deploy AI Models in the fields of: traffic management, retail payment systems, security monitoring,…


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