• 8 digital input channels, 7 digital output channels, 2 Ethernet ports
  • Chain Daisy-Chain with auto-bypass protection
  • Monitor and remote control with mobile devices
  • Group configuration ability to set up multiple modules
  • Flexible user-defined Modbus address
  • Peer-to-Peer and GCL network intelligence
  • Multi-protocol support: Modbus/TCP, TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, DHCP, SNMP, MQTT
  • Web language support: XML, HTML5, Javascript
SKU: IOT26598


Brief introduction:

ADAM-6250 is a Modbus TCP module providing 8 digital input channels, 7 digital output channels, integrated with 2 additional 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet ports.

Powered by Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networking and Graphic Conditional Logic graphics, the ADAM-6250 can function as a stand-alone device for measurement, control and automation.

Through internet technology, this compact module can be monitored and controlled remotely with mobile devices. In addition, ADAM-6250 also has the ability to configure groups to set up many other modules.

Industry standard design, support for multiple protocols Modbus/TCP, TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, DHCP, SNMP, MQTT and XML, HTML5, Javascript, ADAM-6250 web language is considered as an I/O solution integrated in the Ethernet control system.


Digital Input
Channels 8
Dry Contact Logic 0: Open

Logic 1: Closed to DGND

Wet ContactLogic 0: 0 ~ 3 VDC or 0 ~ -3 VDC

Logic 1: 10 ~ 30 VDC or -10 ~ -30 VDC

(Dry/Wet Contact decided by Switch)

Input Impedance 5.2 kW (Wet Contact)
Transition Time 0.2 ms
Frequency Input Range0.1 ~ 3kHz
Counter Input 3kHz (32 bit + 1 bit overflow)
Keep/Discard Counter Value when power off
Supports Inverted DI Status
Digital Output
Channels 7 (Sink Type)
Output Voltage Range 10 ~ 30 VDC
Normal Output Current 100 mA (per channel)
Pulse Output Up to 5kHz
Delay Output High-to-Low and Low-to-High
Ordering Information
ADAM-6250 15-ch Isolated Digital I/O Modbus TCP Module
Cerification CE,FCC,UL
Ethernet 2-port 10/100 Base-TX (for Daisy Chain)
LED Indication8 DI + 7 DO
Protocol Modbus/TCP, TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, DHCP,


Connector Plug-in 5P/15P screw terminal blocks
Power Input 10 – 30 VDC (24 VDC standard)
Watchdog Timer System (1.6 seconds)

Communication (Programmable)

Dimensions 70 x 122 x 27 mm
Protection Built-in TVS/ESD protection

Power Reversal protection

Over Voltage protection: +/- 35VDC

Isolation protection: 2500 VDC

Power Consumption 3 W @ 24 VDC
Daisy chain connection with auto-bypass protection
Remote monitoring and control with smart phone/pad
Group configuration capability for multiple module setup
DI/O LED Indication
Flexible user-defined Modbus address.
Intelligent control ability by Peer-to-Peer and GCL function
Multiple protocol support: Modbus/TCP, TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, DHCP, MQTT, SNMP
Web language support: XML, HTML 5, Java Script
System configuration backup
User Access Control
Operating Temperature-10 ~ 70°C (14 ~ 158°F)

-40 ~ 70°C (-40~158°F) (B version)

Storage Temperature-20 ~ 80°C (-4 ~ 176°F)

-40 ~ 80°C ( -40~176°F) (B version)

Operating Humidity 20 ~ 95% RH (non-condensing)
Storage Humidity 0 ~ 95% RH (non-condensing)




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