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Industrial computers are applied and used more and more in various fields of life, especially in industrial automation. To bring many benefits to the user, making the operation and control of the device intuitive. Industrial tablets were born to simplify the use process and improve work efficiency.

What is Industrial Tablet PC?

Industrial tablet computers are also known as touch screen industrial computers. It is a combination of industrial computer and industrial touch screen. Designed to be robust, robust and scalable, it is the first choice in human-machine interface (HMI) applications.

Industrial Tablet Pc Features
Industrial Tablet PC Features

Serving mainly in the fields of factory automation, machinery, equipment and intelligent services. Panel PC makes operations faster, with a touch screen that makes it easy for users to adjust and manipulate directly on the computer screen for high performance and comprehensive functionality.

Pros & cons of industrial touch screen computers

Advantages of industrial tablets

Widely used, industrial touch screens have become an integral part of industrial production and processing. So what are the pros and cons of it? And how is the application?

Compact, easily mounted to a console or to a VEGA: this allows it to be used almost anywhere. The compactness and convenience but the powerful and durable operation despite the harsh environment are the advantages that make it outstanding compared to traditional industrial computers.


Efficient fanless cooling system and IP protection: the fanless cooling system not only helps the machine operate smoothly and without noise, but also makes the overall design much cleaner. IP protection (ingress protection) protects the machine against solids and liquids. The tablet is absolutely protected against agents such as dust, moisture, water, making it stable and durable.


Industrial Tablet Advantages
Industrial tablet advantages

Long life, durable operation: in industrial environments, equipment is often dusty and wet, leading to rapid damage. But with fanless technology, even in a sealed box, it is still effectively cooled without bringing in outside air to do this job, helping it to operate stably and have a long life.

Good screen sensitivity: normally, resistive touch screens will be easy to control with any type of gloves, even if the working environment requires labor protection with thick gloves, it can also be used. use . As for the capacitive touch screen, thinner gloves are required to be able to use it.


Diverse operating systems: besides the powerful operating system, the industrial touch screen has both Android and Windows operating systems. This gives users a variety of options.

Disadvantages of industrial tablets

Cost: touch industrial computers are said to be more expensive than traditional industrial computers. However, that is the objective assessment of some customers when, on the contrary, many experts believe that price goes hand in hand with quality. Spending some money but getting back is a compact, durable machine that works extremely well.


Industrial Tablets Work Well Even With Gloves On
Works well even with gloves on

Pens and other devices cannot be used to control: most industrial tablets use resistive and capacitive touch and cannot be controlled with a stylus. However, it allows users to use it well even while wearing gloves.

How to apply in life?

How to apply in life?

Industrial touch screens can be applied in many fields, namely: machine operation, automation, process monitoring and control and most industrial environments, but especially Useful in the following environments:

Food, pharmaceutical and packaging industries: the working environment of this industry requires a high level of cleanliness, so the factory is regularly cleaned with liquid through a high-pressure nozzle. This requires industrial computers capable of working and surviving in frequently wet environments.


Industrial production environment: Although this environment is not humid, but it is very dusty, normal industrial computers operating in this environment will be overwhelming. But tablets are much more resistant to dirt and liquids, so it is perfectly suitable for use in this environment.


Applications Of Industrial Tablets
Applications of industrial tablets

The touch screen makes it easy to manage, adjust and manipulate directly on the screen, through just a few simple steps. So users can quickly process data according to business needs. With many outstanding features, the device offers many comprehensive functions to improve working efficiency in operation and production.

Criteria for choosing quality touch screen industrial computers

#1 Screen size

Industrial Tablet Screen Size
Screen size

Based on use needs as well as available space for industrial touch screens. Not a large screen is good, many software applications are designed to run at a specific LCD touchscreen resolution and a certain aspect ratio. Therefore, the screen size is the first thing to consider.

For example, a web-based application for food production requires a PC’s screen resolution of 1280×1024. In this case, the application will require a 17” or 19” LCD screen size as these are the only two LCD screen sizes that support 1280×1024.

#2 Computer performance

Software applications for production lines are usually not processor intensive. These applications typically include a graphical user interface where users can manually enter data using a touchscreen and interact with a web-based application or access an ERP system so a Celeron CPU Quad Core is more than enough. Machine vision and moderation are two examples of applications that may require higher CPU performance.

#3 Waterproof

If the work environment is exposed to liquids or high humidity, a waterproof touch screen industrial computer is essential. IP protection and stainless steel chassis will prevent the machine from being waterproof and corroded by chemicals and other cleaning agents.

#4 Dustproof

Industrial Tablet Ip68 Water And Dust Resistance
Water resistant and dustproof

In addition to liquids, dust is also a factor that damages computers and touch screens in industrial environments. Dust damages machines when it adheres to chassis, electrical components, and integrated circuits, shortening their lifespan and slowing CPU performance.

#5 Operating temperature

Operating temperature range is also an important factor when choosing a touch screen industrial computer, as some factories and production areas do not have temperature control.

For example, metal foundries may require a touch screen industrial computer to work in the vicinity of a heat source, which requires the machine to be highly resistant to heat.

The above information must have helped you have more knowledge about industrial tablets. This is a smart device with many applications in the field of industrial production and automation. With many advantages and durable performance, it also has applications in many other industries. If you are interested in this product or still have questions about the structure or reputable supplier of this product? Please contact us via hotline or chat with a consultant below to receive the earliest support!

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