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Along with the development of the industry, the demand for industrial computers is increasing, leading to the birth of many industrial computer suppliers in the world. Choosing a reputable, quality industrial computer supplier with good warranty service takes a lot of time for businesses and organizations. Understanding that difficulty, Adtech would like to share some information through this article, in order to help you make the best choice.

Overview of industrial computers

For businesses, especially factories, workshops, and industrial computers, it is not a strange phrase because this is considered a core component to maintain the operation of the entire system.

Industrial Computer Models
Industrial computer models

To cope with the industrial environment, industrial computers are designed to work even in high temperatures, dusty, humid conditions, strong vibrations, or uneven voltage sources, with the ability to provide 24/7 continuous operation to ensure the machine system is always in operation.


With the rapid development of the industry, suppliers also continuously launch many new products with high competitiveness to the market, as well as upgrade service quality.

And among them, Advantech emerges as a leading prestigious supplier of industrial computers in the world with decades of experience in manufacturing and supplying industrial computers.

What’s outstanding about Advantech industrial computer?

According to data reported by OMDIA in 2022, Advantech was honored as the world’s largest supplier of industrial computers with a 41% market share globally.

Advantech Industrial Computer
Advantech Industrial Computer

With decades of experience in the field of manufacturing and supplying industrial computers, Advantech’s industrial computers have been trusted by many customers around the world for intelligent industrial applications. , Industrial IoT applications (Industrial IoT), … thanks to the outstanding advantages:

  1. Advantech’s industrial computers are designed according to industry standards, are dustproof, vibration/shock resistant and can work 24/7 with high reliability.
  2. All Advantech products are supported for 7-10 years, ensuring a long-term backup replacement.
  3. Advantech’s product lines provide maximum support for system upgrades, expansion and integration with high compatibility.
  4. Diverse products, providing many suitable configurations for customers to choose to optimize for different applications.
  5. Has good hardware and software compatibility with even old and new system designs.
  6. Built-in intelligent remote monitoring and fault prediction capabilities, making system management easy, minimizing downtime.

The most popular Advantech lines of industrial computers

#1. Industrial Tablet PC

Advantech Industrial Tablet Pc
Advantech Industrial Tablet PC

Advantech’s industrial tablets have various sizes, integrated with add-ons such as RFID readers, barcode readers, vehicle docking stations, expansion modules for diverse applications in production and management. warehouse and fleet management.

Advantech’s industrial mobile computing solutions are highly flexible and reliable. Designed for harsh environments, Advantech’s industrial tablets are drop-proof, dust- and water-ingress resistant.

#2. Fanless embedded computer

Advantech Fanless Embedded Computer
Advantech fanless embedded computer

Advantech’s fanless embedded computers are embedded systems engaged in edge computing, offering a wide range of modules suitable for remote monitoring and control. Customers can quickly deploy applications such as motion control, machine vision, etc. to maximize profits.

#3. Industrial Display

Advantech Industrial Display
Advantech Industrial Display

Advantech Industrial Display Systems offers a wide range of screens ranging in size from 5.7″ to 55″ including LCD monitors, touch screen panels, outdoor displays, digital signage displays and a wide range of industrial displays including open-frame and panel-mounted displays, perfectly connecting to panels and embedded systems to meet different application needs.

#4. Box IPC

Box Ipc Advantech
Box IPC Advantech

These IPCs have a compact design with front I/O ports. This product line is suitable for equipment manufacturing and industrial automation applications, such as machine vision and AOI.

#5. Modular IPC

Modular Ipc Advantech
Modular IPC Advantech

The Modular IPC series is geared towards machine automation applications such as visual inspection, AOI, packaging inspection, process automation and intelligent monitoring, beneficial for service and maintenance.

This compact system with integrated POE and the latest Intel Core processors can be used in edge intelligence applications such as edge computing, delivering enhanced graphics and computing performance.

In addition, Advantech also provides diverse solutions and services such as:


  • Embedded Solutions & Design Services
  • Energy & Environment
  • iFactory
  • iHealthcare
  • iLogistics
  • Industrial and Telecommunications Servers
  • Industrial equipment manufacturing
  • Intelligent transportation system
  • IoT Edge Intelligence Services and Solutions
  • iRetail
  • Video Solutions
  • Design & production service

Adtech – The leading distributor of Advantech industrial computers in Vietnam

With the criterion “Bringing the WORLD’S TECHNOLOGY TO VIETNAM CONSUMERS”, Adtech is proud to be a reputable distributor of Advantech industrial computer products in Vietnam market.

Adtech is committed to providing customers with the best products at the most competitive cost, ensuring to build, develop and protect the manufacturer’s brand in the Vietnamese market with complete before and after service. when selling.

Customers who are interested and need detailed advice on Advantech industrial computers, please contact Adtech through the “Online chat” section right below the website, Adtech’s consultants are always available. Answer all your questions 24/7.

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