ADTECH VIET NAM representative visited ASUS office and discussed with ASUS Group President – Mr. Jackie Hsu in Ho Chi Minh

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During a meaningful business visit, ASUS Group President – Mr. Jackie Hsu came to Vietnam to meet the representative of ADTECH Vietnam distributor, creating an important meeting at the ASUS office in the city. Ho Chi Minh. This meeting not only marked the cooperation between the two companies, but also confirmed their commitment in developing the field of Internet of Things (IoT) technology in Vietnam.


On July 13, 2023, Mr. Vu Dang Chu – CEO of ADTECH Vietnam came to ASUS office in Ho Chi Minh, in response to the invitation from ASUS President. The meeting between the two sides created an in-depth forum, where Mr. Vu Dang Chu shared with Mr. Jackie Hsu about the ASUS IoT market in Vietnam, as well as suggested directions for cooperation and business development in the future. future.

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(Image on the left is Mr. Jackie Hsu, President of ASUS and on the right is Mr. Vu Dang Chu, CEO of ADTECH VIETNAM)

Appreciating the achievements that ADTECH has achieved and the potential to develop the AIOT market in Vietnam, Mr. Jackie Hsu pledged that ASUS Corporation will continue to support AIOT partners in Vietnam and globally in the future. future. New policies and resources will be put into operation to facilitate the growth of partner companies and jointly promote the delivery of advanced IoT solutions to customers.

The meeting is not only a place to discuss technology and markets, but also an opportunity for the two sides to appreciate each other’s roles. Both ASUS and ADTECH are well aware that their cooperation and interaction has yielded remarkable achievements. Action programs and cooperation plans have been implemented, with the common goal of bringing the best products and solutions to customers in Vietnam.

The visit of ASUS Group President – Mr. Jackie Hsu created a remarkable development in the relationship between the two companies. This cooperation not only creates a common vision and direction for the development of IoT technology in Vietnam, but also opens up new opportunities for business development in this field.

ASUS and ADTECH Vietnam believe that this cooperation will achieve outstanding achievements and actively contribute to bringing advanced products and solutions to consumers in Vietnam. With foresight and a commitment to constantly improve product quality, the two companies are ready to reach new heights, to jointly conquer the Vietnamese IoT market and contribute to the development of the technology industry. future information


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