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Today, embedded computers can be found in all smart devices. It’s hard to find a part of modern life that doesn’t involve this technology. Here are some real life examples of embedded computer applications.

#1. Global Positioning System (GPS)

Embedded Computers Are Applied In The Global Positioning System Gps
Global Positioning System GPS

GPS is a navigation system that uses satellites and receivers to synchronize data related to location, time, and velocity. The receiver or data receiving device is integrated with embedded computers to facilitate the adoption of the global positioning system. Embedded GPS devices allow people to determine their current location and destination easily.

Today, GPS systems are commonly used in:

  • Means of transportation (most commonly cars)
  • Mobile device
  • Palmtop Calculator

#2. Health monitoring device

Computer Applications Embedded In Health Monitoring Devices
Computer applications embedded in health monitoring devices

A fitness tracker is a commonly worn device that can monitor health and track user activities such as sleeping, running, and walking. These devices use embedded computers to collect data related to heart rate, body temperature and steps, which is then sent to a server over a WAN such as LTE or GPRS.

Fitness trackers are commonly used for:

  • Monitor personal activity
  • Medical monitoring
  • Sports training

#3. Thiết bị y tế

Embedded Computer Applications In Medical Devices
Medical equipment

Medical devices in healthcare facilities have been integrated with embedded computers for quite some time. A new type of medical device uses embedded computers to help treat patients who need constant monitoring and care at home.

These devices are embedded with sensors to collect patient health-related data such as heart rate, body temperature, indicators from implanted devices, etc.

This data is sent to the cloud, where doctors can review patient data on their devices wirelessly.

Medical devices have been widely used to diagnose and effectively treat patients, some of their examples are:

  • Pacemaker
  • Defibrillator
  • Ultrasonic scanner

#4. Automotive system

Application Of Embedded System In Automotive
Application on means of transport

Automotive embedded systems are designed and installed to enhance automotive safety. Thanks to in-vehicle safety systems, the death rate from traffic accidents has dropped sharply in recent years.

The automotive industry is making further efforts to improve cars with advanced sensor and technology systems, which would not be possible without embedded computers.

Some key examples of car safety systems: adaptive speed control, car crash warning, pedestrian recognition, lane entry assist, airbags, and more. reduce the risk of accidents and drive global demand for embedded systems.

Some other examples of automotive embedded systems include:

  • Car navigation system
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • In-vehicle entertainment system

#5. Robot nhà máy

Factory Robots
Factory Robots

Factory Robots

In a typical task, a robot uses actuators, sensors, and software to perceive the environment and execute the task correctly.

Without embedded computers, the robot would have to rely on an external computer or control system. This can increase safety risks due to delays or failures in the interconnection link between the factory robot and its external computer system.

Today, as Industry 4.0 becomes a reality, these systems are integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning to make devices smarter, safer and more efficient, for example: enabling robots to identify Identify defects that are invisible to the human eye and eliminate them from the manufacturing process.

Factory robots have a wide range of applications:

  • Assembly line
  • Quality superviewer
  • Loading on pallets

#6. Automatic fare collection machine

Application Used In Automatic Ticket Vending Machine
Application used in automatic ticket vending machine

An automatic fare machine (AFC) is a ticketing system that allows passengers to pay for their fare through vending machines or online services. These systems started out with coins and tokens but have been gradually replaced by magnetic cards or smart cards.

The AFC is a basic terminal equipment, consisting of an automatic ticket vending machine, an automatic gate and a ticket checking machine. These components are embedded computers that help ensure faster transactions, seamless operation, and more efficient collection of payments.

Automated fare collection systems are usually found at:

  • Subway station
  • Bus
  • Train station

#7. Electric vehicle charging station

Application In Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Application in electric vehicle charging station

Electric vehicle charging stations are equipped with charging points or devices that provide electrical energy to charge connected vehicles. An embedded system consists of embedded computers built into the charging station to provide the ability to handle graphical displays, report any problems with equipment, and alert technicians when maintenance is required. This embedded solution provides a convenient and cost-effective way to monitor and maintain the charging infrastructure.

Some common applications of electric vehicle charging stations include:

  • Car charger
  • Battery exchange
  • Parking vehicle

#8. Máy ATM

Embedded Computer Application At Atms
Embedded computer application at ATMs

An automated teller machine (ATM) is a computerized computer used to communicate with a bank’s host computer. The bank computer verifies all the data entered by the user and stores all the transactions, while the computer embedded in the ATM displays the transaction data and processes the input data from the ATM keypad.

ATMs are mainly used to:

  • Cash withdrawals
  • Check account balance, transaction details
  • Transfer money to another account

Embedded computers are applied a lot in daily life, they play a very important role, making people’s lives more convenient and modern.

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